Coffee Bombs are a pre-made Butter Coffee supplement made with organic coconut oil, grass-fed butter and collagen (or hemp) protein + medicinal spices that help stimulate the mind and jumpstart the metabolism. 

Simply drop a Coffee Bomb into your coffee and blend, shake or stir to enjoy! 

Pure Focus

This is our plain flavor — the MCTs found in organic coconut oil and grass-fed butter promote healthy brain function.

Focus + Brain Function

Vanilla Thunder

Elevated vanilla — a naturally calming vanilla that promotes balance.

Focus + Balance

Happy Cacao

Our version of mocha — cacao is a natural mood elevator and has been used as medicine for thousands of years.

Focus + Mood Elevator

Holy Cacao

Our spicy chocolate flavor — medicinal spices help regulate blood sugar and stimulate the metabolism.

Focus + Metabolism Booster + Blood Sugar Stabilizer

Peace & Hempiness

Vegan — a delicious treat for vegans who can’t enjoy traditional butter coffee.

Focus + Healthy Digestion

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