Let’s Talk About Fat

Sarah here. As most of you know, my dad passed away when I was 17 years old due to complications related to his diabetes. That was obviously an impactful time in my life, for many reasons, and the time where I truly realized the importance of food and how making small dietary changes could literally save a person’s life. That’s why I studied nutrition and ultimately where the passion behind starting Ladybird Provisions® with Nicole came from. 

The thing is, a lot of what I learned in school studying nutrition and throughout my dietetic internship was based on a philosophy that doesn’t contribute to one's health but rather hinders it. I’ve shared my struggles with food and my relationship with it in the past. How I used to count every calorie, remove all of the extra fat that I could, use sugar substitutes when baking/cooking and frequently indulge in “diet” sodas thinking that I was doing the best thing for my body. Boy was I wrong. 

The minute I started to focus on going back to the basics, eating whole foods, listening to my body and realizing the importance that healthy fats play in nourishing the body, everything began to change. I no longer had to count every calorie or over-exercise and my body naturally found it’s happy weight. Healthy fats and whole foods are crucial for health. Check out this article by Dr. Mark Hyman that lays out the benefits of fats and why it is finally time to get rid of the myth that fat is bad, fat makes you fat and that fat causes heart disease because if you are eating GOOD FATS and WHOLE FOODS you are nourishing the body in the best way possible.

Ladybird’s foundation is built on combining healthy fats that nourish the body and making them convenient and delicious to consume. Coffee Bombs are the perfect way to feed your brain and boost the quality of your body’s cells. Fat is back and it is here to stay. Well, GOOD fat that is!