What is a Coffee Bomb?
A Coffee Bomb® is a convenient, pre-made version of butter coffee that comes in different flavors, each intentionally crafted to provide different benefits for the body and mind. They are made of organic coconut oil, grass-fed butter and grass-fed collagen peptides (bovine) with different medicinal spices, depending on the flavor. It looks like a more appetizing version of a peanut butter cup, but far healthier!

How do I drink a Coffee Bomb?
Blend it or Shake it!

  • Blend it (recommended method): Drop Coffee Bomb into a blender and add 8-12 oz. of hot liquid (coffee, water or milk of choice) and blend for 10-15 seconds. Blending creates a delicious foam and ensures that all the healthy fats and flavors are incorporated properly.
  • Shake it (solid method): Drop Coffee Bomb into a travel mug with a tight fitting lid and add 8-12 oz. of hot liquid (coffee, water, or milk of choice). Make sure lid is securely tightened and shake briskly for 20-25 seconds. Don’t worry, this method also creates a foamy top and does a great job incorporating all the ingredients. Great for mornings when you’re in a pinch!

What’s in a Coffee Bomb?
Each Coffee Bomb is made up of a base containing Organic Virgin Coconut Oil + Grass-Fed Butter + Grass-Fed Bovine Collagen Peptides (or Organic Hemp Protein). Then we add delicious, medicinal spices including organic raw cacao, organic Ceylon cinnamon, organic cayenne, organic vanilla and pure maple sugar- all with scientifically proven health benefits.

What medicinal spices are used in Ladybird Provisions' products?

  • Organic Cacao: Has been used for thousands of years as medicine to treat minor cases of depression because it stimulates endorphin production which elevates mood and increases energy. It's also a powerful antioxidant that is naturally high in minerals lacking in traditional western diets
  • Organic Ceylon Cinnamon: Naturally helps bodies regulate blood sugar and combat inflammation.
  • Organic Vanilla: Promotes a feeling of balance and wellbeing.
  • Chai Spice Blend: Our unique chai spice blend helps support digestion, enhances the immune system and is loaded with antioxidants.
  • Organic Cayenne Pepper: Can boost metabolism, increase satiety, and improve digestive health.

Why should I use a Coffee Bomb?
Besides the fact that they’re delicious, Coffee Bombs are incredibly beneficial for you! The combination of healthy fats, protein from the collagen (or hemp) and the essential minerals found in Coffee Bombs can help with brain function and focus, boost metabolism, increase satiety and even elevate mood.

Why is there Collagen Protein in Coffee Bombs (other than the vegan flavor)?
Collagen is a single ingredient (we like clean, simple ingredients) that provides each Coffee Bomb with an excellent source of protein that is highly absorbable in the digestive tract. Also, collagen has a unique combination of amino acids that can boost the body’s natural ability to support healthy joints, ligaments, hair, skin and nails. Simply stated, collagen is awesome.

Should I eat breakfast if I drink a Coffee Bomb?
Coffee Bombs are not meant to replace breakfast but you may find that you’re not hungry after drinking one in the morning. I typically get hungry two hours after drinking a Coffee Bomb and eat a healthy, low carb breakfast. Just follow your gut. If you’re hungry after drinking a Coffee Bomb, eat a healthy breakfast (just try to stick with low-glycemic foods). Eat a healthy, balanced lunch, dinner and snacks and you will likely notice a huge difference in your overall energy, mood and health.

What’s the difference between Coffee Bombs and Bulletproof® Coffee?
Ladybird Provisions’ Coffee Bombs are similar to Bulletproof Coffee in the sense that both are forms of Butter Coffee and use beneficial fats to help support the metabolism and stimulate brain function. However, we feel that Coffee Bombs are nutritionally superior because our main ingredient is organic, virgin coconut oil vs. refined MCT oil. Virgin coconut oil contains MCTs that help with brain function and focus, but also contain fatty acids that are scientifically proven to be antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiparasitic – just to name a few (aka an immune boosting power house). We use grass-fed bovine collagen peptides, grass-fed butter and medicinal spices perfectly portioned to benefit the mind and body. The best part about Ladybird is that it is all wrapped up in a convenient BOMB that you simply drop into your hot beverage of choice and enjoy! No need to buy a bunch of separate ingredients, measure it out and try to get it to taste perfect. Our Bombs do that for you.

Why do we use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil instead of MCT oil?
That’s easy! Virgin Coconut Oil is a whole food that has been minimally processed. It is high in beneficial fats that have been shown to combat inflammation, boost immune function, lower LDL cholesterol (bad kind) and raise HDL cholesterol (good kind), help lower risk of cognitive decline, increase metabolism and help burn abdominal fat. It's naturally high in Lauric Acid which helps control bacterial and fungal infections and when processed enzymatically (by ingestion) converts to Monolauric Acid, which can help control system viral infections. On top of all that, coconut oil is naturally high in MCT Oil, which provides the cognitive benefits that Butter Coffee is known for.

I’ve heard that the fats used in Coffee Bombs@ are good for you but I don’t understand why- can you explain that to me?
The MCTs found in Virgin Coconut Oil are easily digested and therefore easily burned by the body for energy instead of being stored as fat, thus creating a thermogenic effect that has been shown to positively alter the metabolism. Virgin Coconut Oil naturally helps boost the immune system by combatting inflammation, harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. The MCTs found in the organic, grass-fed butter help stimulate cognitive function and focus. The combination of fats, protein and the beneficial ingredients used in all flavored Coffee Bombs@ will help stabilize blood sugars, ward-off sugar cravings and give you the energy and focus needed to seize the day!

Why is there Pure Maple Sugar in some flavors of Coffee Bombs?
We intentionally added a touch of pure maple sugar because it adds a hint of sweetness while providing a higher antioxidant value pre serving than cantaloupe, raw tomatoes, and raw cabbage. Also, according to the Chemical Society (2016) real maple syrup (from real maple trees) may protect the brain from Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. With only 3 grams of sugar per tsp. and its incredible benefits, we think pure maple sugar is a pretty sweet addition!

Can children drink a beverage made with a Coffee Bomb?
ABSOLUTLEY! Just swap coffee for hot milk of choice, water or even tea. The beneficial fats from the MCT’s found in coconut oil and the grass-fed butter help children and adults alike focus and prepares one to seize the day with confidence! The protein in each bomb will also help with satiety and encourage better learning.

What does “Intentionally Crafted” mean?
Each recipe combination was developed to provide specific health benefits ranging from brain health and focus to metabolism and weight control to immune support and to blood sugar control. Each Ladybird Coffee Bomb is intentionally crafted to encourage the best possible nutrition.

What is a Dry Bomb?
Dry Bombs are a dairy-free collagen creamer that contain between 7-9g of collagen protein per serving. Similar to Coffee Bombs, each flavor is made with medicinal grade, organic spices and perfectly portioned to benefit the body in some way. For example, Cacao + Sea salt is a natural mood stabilizer and helps with electrolyte balance. Chai Latte spice mixture is specifically formulated to support gut health. We love ingredients and creating them in a way that not only taste great but that also add function. We are dropping function into beverage!

Why did you add L-Tryptophan?
Collagen is naturally missing the essential amino acid L-Tryptophan making it an incomplete protein. We added L-Tryptophan making us the only collagen supplement out there that is a complete protein. Pretty cool, huh?

Why should I try your Dry Bombs?
Because they are delicious, duh!  Not only are they delicious, they are convenient, nutritionally superior, affordable and you’re supporting a small, local business and its founders dream of bringing healthy convenient products to the market.

Tell me about the co-founders. What’s their story?
Sarah is a registered and licensed dietitian who has dedicated her life to helping others feel better through nutrition. In 2000, after her father’s unexpected death from complications related to his diabetes, Sarah realized the importance of nutrition and its impact on health. At 17 years old, she vowed to do what she could to help others live healthier lives by making better nutritional decisions- something that she believes could have helped save her dad’s life.

Nicole is a certified Drugless Practitioner who works with diet modification and stress management for health concerns. She is a single parent of an amazing teenage son who was diagnosed with multiple physical and neurological issues at a very young age. Nicole dedicated herself to helping her son stay off medications and avoid invasive surgeries through diet and exercise.

Together, Sarah and Nicole are the perfect team to bring Ladybird’s mission of helping people feel better through nutrition in a clean, convenient and delicious way!

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