New Dry Bomb Packaging


Dry Bombs® are our dairy-free collagen creamer made up of grass-fed collagen peptides, organic coconut milk powder, medicinal spices (depending on the flavor), organic coconut oil and the essential amino acid L-Tryptophan. Each serving contains between 7-9g of complete protein from collagen + L-tryptophan (an essential amino acid missing in collagen).

Not everyone can have dairy (even if it’s from grass-fed butter) so we wanted to create a product that our dairy-free folks could enjoy while sticking true to our food philosophy that ingredients should be clean and beneficial to the body. So it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that Dry Bombs have a ton of benefits! They can help support cognitive function (healthy fats), gut + immune health, joint health, hair, skin + nails (collagen peptides), and provide clean energy (clean, scientifically proven ingredients- no fillers or fake stuff!!). Just drop our Dry Bombs into your hot beverage of choice (coffee, tea, milk) and stir. Simple, delicious and functional. We are Dropping Function into Beverage™ one “Bomb” at a time!

Our dairy-free Dry Bombs are Paleo and Keto friendly, naturally gluten free, contain no added sugar (or fake sugar or sugar substitutes like stevia or monk fruit), and require no refrigeration.


We are transitioning from stick packs to a pouch first and foremost to be more environmentally conscience. We want to leave less of an impact on Mother Earth and believe that we can do this by making small, sustainable changes with our packaging. Not only are our new Dry Bomb pouches made from recycled plastic, but each pouch is replacing 20 stick packs and 2 boxes of our current packaging. Pretty awesome, huh?! We are continuing to find new ways to lessen our environmental impact and help support our planet for future generations.

Beyond being better for the environment, our new Dry Bomb pouches offer a better value to you, our customer. Each pouch will have about 20 servings (vs. 10 servings) at a fraction of the cost. We want to pass on the healthy savings to you! We can’t wait to hear your feedback!!


Sarah + Nicole