Who is Ladybird Provisions?

Sarah - Ladybird ProvisionsHi. My name is Sarah Rioux and I am the co-founder of Ladybird Provisions®, a registered dietitian, and total believer in the power of food. When I was 17 years old my dad passed away from complications related to his diabetes, which in his case, was a totally diet related and preventable disease.

That was a pivotal moment in my life and the time that I realized the importance of nutrition and its profound effects on health. I chose to study nutrition because I wanted to empower people to make dietary choices that would benefit their body rather than harm it. I wanted to do anything I could to help prevent disease and death that could be avoided with proper nutrition and lifestyle habits in hopes of saving just one little girl or boy’s mother, father or loved one. In all that I’ve learned over the years, I have never felt so passionate about the power of food and that it truly can be used as medicine.

I moved to Austin in 2015 with my husband. I had spent the previous 8 years working with school districts feeding thousands of kids healthy meals every single day. I loved what I did with a passion, but the move gave me an opportunity to try something different. To figure out a way to help people through nutrition in a different way.

Nicole - Ladybird ProvisionsMy co-founder, Nicole Pinedo, is a Drugless Practitioner who works with diet modification and stress management for health concerns. Her journey started when her son was diagnosed as spectrum back in 2006. At that time the primary way our medical community treated spectrum disorder was through medication and therapy. She didn't feel like that was the best approach for her son, so she started researching how the rest of the world was treating it. Nicole found studies out of Europe on how diet can be a huge factor for kids with neurological and behavioral disorders, especially artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. She started taking classes that focused on worldwide diet trends and educating herself on how it impacts the body. It took her two years to completely revamp her son’s diet, but today you would never guess he had once been considered spectrum. For more than 10 years she has worked with parents of children with neurological and behavioral disorders to help them learn how to adjust their diet to best support them.

Nicole and I met in 2016 and that’s when the dream of Ladybird Provisions began. We both had two very different stories, but both shared the same passion for helping others feel better through nutrition. We knew that people were confused about what is healthy and what is not. We knew that people were eating too much refined sugar and processed foods causing unnecessary inflammation in the body. We knew we wanted to create something that people would love but more importantly, something that could actually help people feel better. We knew that people needed healthy options that were convenient but that still tasted great. Through many trials, tests, and whims – we created the Ladybird Provisions whose mission is to make the healthy choice the easy choice and we did that with the perfect product – Coffee Bombs®. And that is where our journey began.

With humble hearts,

Sarah and Nicole